What Is Day Trading?

In day trading, traders make profits by exploiting  minute price movements in individual assets by leveraging large amount of capital to do so. A day trader looks for these three things to exploit.


  • Liquidity
  • Volatility
  • Trading Volume

How It Works

Liquidity is a chance where it allows a trader to enter or exit a stock at good price. For volatility is a measure of expected daily price range - the range in which a day trader operates. More volatility could mean more profit or loss. And lastly, trading volume simply a measure of how many time a stock is bought or sold in a given time.

Real Time News Services

Subscribe to real time news services to help yourself stay in the loop with potential news that could change the market movement. This is because news affect stocks movement.


Computer based systems that displays potential bids and ask quotes multiple market participants before automatically match and execute orders.

Level 2

A subscription based service providing access in real-time to Nasdaq order book composed of price quotes from market marketers registered within every Nasdaq listed and OTC Bulletin Board securities. Both this and ECN will provide you a sense of orders execute in real time.

Intraday Candlestick Chart

Provide insight on raw analysis for price of action. Price of action is referring to the movement of a security price and encompassed in technical analysis.

Who Is It For?

  • Individual Investors
  • Financial Institutions
  • Corporate

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