What Is Share Trading?

Share trading is an act of buying and selling a portion of a company on share market or stock exchange. Performance of the company will affect the value of share price--you earn profits when share price increases and sell your shares

  • Non leverage
  • Leverage

How It Works

Share tradings can happen in leverage or non-leverage way. However mostly do non-leverage as it takes place at stock exchange, where the majority of public companies are listed. Though share trading also possible via derivative from products like CFDs and bet spread. This method of share trading is more flexible but it does comes with risks.

Through Capital Growth

This one of the most common method for people to make profits from share trading. Simply by selling your shares than what you paid.


Through this method, directors of a company choose to make payments to the shareholders. These shares are called income shares.

Tax Benefits

A share that can be fully franked, a term referring to a company that has paid tax on your dividends. This can be use to reduce tax payment on other incomes.

Shareholders Right

When you are involve in share tradings, you will be come a shareholder and from you'll gain the right to vote for decisions during the annual grand meetings.

Who Is It For?

  • Company Directors
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Investors
  • Competitors

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