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At All Trading with businesses to find and connect with potential investment prospects for tradings. We provide recommendation for currency trading, day trading, share trading, and futures trading.

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What Is Currency Trading?

A form of investment that is commonly known as forex, is where currency traded in various sized lots. In currency trading, there are three types of lots; micro, mini and standard lot. Each represents base currency. All of the trading activities in the currency trading market happens 24 hour but closed on Friday evening until Sunday evening, trading will resume once the market open again.

What Is Day Trading?

Day trading is where you perform the act of buying a trade or multiple trades within the same day. Day trading can be both rewarding and a great loss, depending on how you play it and make your moves according to the small prices movement.

What Is Share Trading?

Share trading is an act of buying and selling a portion of a company on share market or stock exchange. Performance of the company will affect the value of share price--you earn profits when share price increases and sell your shares.

What Is Future Trading?

An agreement contract between two parties, a buyer and a seller, to buy and sell asset at a specified price and date. Every future contract agreement will represents a specific amount of given security or commodity.

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